Spicy or Plain Popadum 

Jalori Special Mix (for two)
Assortment of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Kebab, Prawns and Onion Bhajee.

Spicy Tandoori Wrap Medium spicy
Pieces of Barbecued Spring Chicken flavoured with spicy sweet and sour sauce served in a pocket of thin roast bread

Sheek Kebab
Fine Minced Meat Herbed and Spiced, wrapped around a skewer and Barbecued. Developed by the Royal Cooks of Moghul Court.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Diced Chicken or Lamb marinated, mildly seasoned and roasted in Tandoor

Pura Salmon
Salmon marinated with Honey and Dill leaves, Grilled in the Tandoor

Onion Bhajee vegetarian
Onion strands in a spicy batter mix, deep fried until crisp and golden

Chula Jhinga
Marinated Tiger Prawns Grilled in Tandoor, bedded on sweet and sour Tamarind and Date sauce

£4.50 - £5.75
Prawn / King Prawn on PureeMedium spicy
Sweet and sour Parsee style spicy Prawns / King Prawns wrapped in fried Indian bread

Chicken or Vegetable Chat Puree vegetarianMedium spicy
Diced Chicken or Vegetables cooked with Chat Masala, wrapped in fried Indian bread

Meat or Vegetable Samosasvegetarian
Triangular shaped pastry, stuffed with mildly spiced Minced Lamb or Vegetables

Kebab E Aloo Palakvegetarian
An Indian classic of crispy Potato and Spinach cake, fried to perfection to our Chef's own recipe and served with sweet chilli sauce


Shami Kebab

Ground Lamb & Dhal patties served with Mint Chutney

Chilli Paneer vegetarian
Tangy flavoured Cottage Cheese. A street food favourite

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